VA Introduces New 'Last Resort' Loan Program to Help Roughly 40,000 Veterans Keep Their Homes

The Department of Veterans Affairs will launch a new program in May designed to help veterans who are in financial dire straits to keep their homes.

The Veterans Affairs Servicing Purchase program, or VASP, will serve as a "last resort" option for former service members who have defaulted on their home loans and aren't eligible for other VA loan assistance programs.

Post 5821 Meeting


June 6, 2024 7:00 PM

VFW Post 5821 Blairsville

Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.


We have ramped up our fight against predatory Claim Shark companies, those unaccredited agents who unabashedly target and ILLEGALLY take advantage of veterans wishing to file VA claims. Make no mistake about it, the proliferation of these illicit organizations is a threat both to veterans and the entire VA system.

And now, these shady Claim Sharks are not only swindling veterans out of thousands of dollars in fees, but they're working hard to try to legitimize their operations ... the VFW simply will NOT stand it. For any of it.

Please help put these Claim Sharks out of business! Review, keep handy and share our Claim Shark Fact Sheet far and wide to your networks using every tool available to you. Make sure to follow the VFW's social media accounts and amplify our posts, and be on the lookout for Action Alerts and other calls to action to join in the fight.

We have one hell of a fight ahead, but together, we can AND WILL put a stop to veterans falling victim to these bad actors.




PACT Act claim sharks are targeting veterans at unprecedented rates. If you've been on social media or checked your email inbox recently, you've no doubt received countless solicitations from law firms or agencies advertising their assistance with your VA claim in the wake of the PACT Act.

From our National Veterans Service experts, here are some important things to remember:

  • NEVER PAY for claims assistance. Presumptive claims are straightforward and can easily be handled by any VA-accredited claims representative.
  • File a claim for any PACT Act conditions.
  • Contact a VFW Accredited Service Officer today to discuss the PACT Act and what it means for you.
  • Hold off on committing to a Camp Lejeune lawsuit until VA publishes how the offset will affect your settlement and benefits.
  • If you have been fighting for years, you may think a PACT Act claim will be complicated. Good news: Presumptive claims are some of the simplest claims because VA is conceding that your illness happened because you went somewhere bad.

Stay up-to-date with the PACT Act and what it means for your claim by visiting